Our fake magazines covers really are unique gifts

Unique Gifts

Fake magazine covers are simple & fun!


These personalized magazine covers are affordable, fun and unique gifts... and they will often steal the show! Unique gifts for women, unique gifts for men, our personalized magazine covers are truly original ways to commemorate and celebrate an important person, occasion or milestone. It is a gift and keepsake that will be remembered and enjoyed for many years after the event has passed.


This is not your overly-expensive personalized gift that you will only receive the day after it was needed. This is not either a product that is automaticaly created by having you filling in numerous boxes; these fake magazine covers are created by real human beings: a computer graphic artist will design your magazine cover according to submitted content and will take the time needed to make sure your fake magazine cover actually looks as close as possible to the real McCoy!




Great gift idea that will please anybody


Have someone you know on your favorite magazine cover! Everyone deserves to feature as a star on their very own magazine cover. This personalized magazine cover can be used as a unique Christmas card or fun gift, a birthday greeting, a personalized corporate gift, a personalized anniversary present. Our fake magazine covers will be a fun part of any get together. It is a great way to commemorate any event.



Magazine size options


You may select image size that will best suit your needs. Option between "Letter-Size" or "Photo-Size" is given when filling out Order Form.


This is a 8" x 10½" image that will properly print on any home printer. It allows for a white margin around the image on a letter-size sheet where most printers cannot actually print.


Cover is edited to 8" x 10" and is best suited for those who will have the image printed on photo paper at such places as Wallgreen's, Kinko's or any "Photo Lab". This size will fit perfectly in standard US frames.

Printing tip

Print your fake magazine cover with your standard printer. For realistic results, use glossy paper.