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Usually, if you can see a preview, it would be because your cover is laid out by software… which is not the case with covers.

Here, each cover layout is done by a real human being so that captions are positioned not to hide main subject... and some other design imperatives that no automated/blind software could perform.
Thus, doing a proof/preview would be doing the whole job before even knowing if we are getting the order.

May we remind you however that once the cover is delivered, any changes you would require (within scope of original order) will always be done free of charge.


Extra captions and images are ordered when filling Order Form and purchase total is automatically updated. When Extra images are selected, you will be prompted to upload each image one at a time.

You may also eMail extra captions and images to [email protected] specifying the Order number they belong to; in such cases, extra captions will be respectively billed $1.25 and images $2.00





I have ordered my magazine 3 days ago, Why haven't I received it yet? Thank you. (Miriam J.)

Your order has been processed within posted delays and the magazine cover (a 8 x 10 or 10½ inches, 200 dpi jpeg image) has been sent to eMail address given on Order Form.
If you have not yet received your image-file, it most probably would be because one of the following:

1- Our eMail with its attachment was erroneously sent to your "Unwanted Mail" folder by an over-reacting SPAM filter;

2- Your mailbox is full;

If our eMails cannot be found in your rejected mail folder you may ask us to send your image file again to same address or give us an alternate eMail address where it could be sent to. In both instances you will adjust filter settings and make sure there is enough available space in your mailbox (your FakeMagazine cover Image filesize can sometimes be as large as 4MB).

Is There anyway you can ship my magazine cover to my house, or do you only email them? Thank you. (Becky L.)

If we were to have our covers printed, properly packaged and shipped (regular air mail), along with handling this would COST us at least $15. We believe nobody would want to pay more than $20 and wait up to 12 days to get a personalized magazine cover when one can get, within 24 hours and for less than $6, a file that he can print at home by himself.

How do I make the pic smaller? How do I reecive the pic, how long does it take? (Laura U.)

We like working with the largest picture possible… Better results are obtained when picture has to be downsized rather than when it is a small image that needs to be enlarged. Our graphic artist will crop according to selected magazine cover… moreover, if you are not satisfied with the layout, changes will be made without any additional cost.

Your Magazine Cover image will be a 200 dpi (dots per inch) 8.5 x 10 inches file. It will be attached to an email sent to given address. Most of the time, production turnaround is less than 24 hours. As it stands right now, you can expect your cover before the end of the day.

I ordered a magazine cover this morning and just realized I may have made a mistake, how can I check? (Brenda W.)

Normally, if you do come back to FM when transaction has been completed with PayPal, all gathered data is then included in a confirmation email that is automatically sent to the email address provided. Since it seems you logged out too quickly, wait until you get your cover and if there is a mistake, let us know and it will be corrected at no extra cost.

What size should the picture I am sending you be? (Heather K.)

You may send any image, any size… We work with all kind of images and we do our best to enhance what we receive; we will let you know if picture quality or size is inadequate.

But we do have preferences; a good picture always yield better results: make sure your main subject is properly lit and stands out (avoid busy backgrounds or him/her in the middle of a group); also, have some "overhead" space so we can easily fit the magazine name on top…(it is easier for us to crop the image than to create missing space above subject's head).

Remember that the magazine cover is vertically oriented… you will put more useful pixels in a "portrait" than a "landscape" oriented picture. If picture you have in mind is not already taken, when you do, hold camera accordingly.

Finally, and most important, transfer a medium to hi-resolution version of your picture; our upload system can handle image file as large as 5 MB.

I ordered from you once before and received the Magazine Cover the same day.  I did not realize there could be up to a 36 hours wait.  I am ordering at the last minute.  The end of the year soccer parties are tomorrow. Could I pay an expedite fee?  I would really like to get the 4 covers that I ordered today so I can get frames, wrap them and give them to the coaches on Sunday. Any help you can give would be great!!!! (Becky D.)

You will get your covers today. No extra charge if you promise that you are going to tell all your friends about this site. :-)

Please advise where the captions show up on the Time Magazine.
Where are Main Caption, Caption 1 and Caption 2 depicted on the cover in relates to optional message. (Rob M.)

All captions on any magazine are positionned according to submitted picture and magazine title style. We will also choose font size, colors, and so on so that the fake cover looks better than the real one :-). You can also give us specific instructions in the "special instructions" field on the Order Form. Moreover, should you not be satisfied with the layout, it will be modified at no extra cost.

I would like to submit several requests for magazine covers at the same time rather than submit one request at a time. Is that possible? Is there any discount for multiple magazine covers at the same time? I would like to get 8 different covers. Thank you. (Douglas R.)

Our Order form is the most efficient way for you to send and us to collect and process your data, image & payment.

We will submit quote for quantities (20+) when project involves partial changes from page to page: same magazine title, same captions/headlines but different pictures (players of a football team for instance).

Do you do rush orders? I can probably get something together by tonight - Could I get image delivery by thursday? (Karen R.)

On a clear day, all orders are processed within 24 hours.


About your captions


Headlines and captions have their own grammar 


  • The present tense is used instead of the past tense in order to show the movement of the newest news;

  • Verb "be" often omitted using "to + verb" instead of "be going to +" or "will +";


  • Content words (verb, noun, adjective, adverb) are commonly used while function words (article, pronoun, conjunction and so on) are usually not;

  • Your headline will grab attention. Believable or not, it will be short, easy to read and will try to stir some emotions.



About your image


Selecting your photo



For your fake magazine, choose a picture where your main character stands out. If many people appear in the picture, it should be evident who in the group your main subject is.



Your image must be a JPEG file and filesize can be as large as .5 MB. Try to send your photo at its best possible resolution but don't worry too much about that: if definition happens to be insufficient, we will contact you to find and agree on a proper alternative.



A Fake Magazine Cover...

Just for fun !

You could imagine and make believe ANYTHING... If it makes YOU laugh, your Fake Cover will be a Hit! But please be careful because cannot be held responsible for any situations, outcomes or misunderstandings that could arise from misuses of your Magazine Cover.



Time is Money!...

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Lead Time


Actual production load is

Expect delivery of your fake magazine image file within:
24 hours



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